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OptionBit Review | Option bit

Company Name Regulation US Clients Payout Min. Deposit Bonus Special Offer
Up to 95% $250  Up to 30% or $5,000
81% (86% VIP) $250 Up to 80%
81% - 89% $250 Up to 75%


OptionBit Review - www.OptionBit.com Review


Optionbit is perhaps one of the most popular binary options trading at this moment. In Optionbit, deposit is not required to have an account, even if apparently you cannot trade you have deposited funds.  Potential traders can open an account in Optionbit in various currencies such as UK pounds, US dollars, Euro’s as well as Russion Ruble’s. Compared to other binary options trading brokers, traders did not receive a notification from sales personnel promptly upon opening their account.




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If you log in to your account in Optionbit, either with or without finds, you will have an access to the binary trading program that consists largely of just single screen. If you need to fund your Optionbit account, there are a lot of ways on how you can deposit your money, through debit or credit cards, moneybrookers, webmoney as well as western union.


No other binary options broker can beat Optionbit when it comes to simplicity and reliability. Perhaps it is the most and best binary brokers available because their binary trading program is very easy to navigate and clear as well. From the Optionbit Trade screen, traders can view the accessible investment together with termination time, view all the trades that are open and available, view a true time graph for the existing and up to date asset, trade the present investment or asset, and change to some other investment in just one click.


Most binary options brokers requires so much time in clicking to be capable to put trade on a various asset, Optionbit interface is made nicely that guarantee quick trading, being capable to view your present available trades, such as floating profit. Expiration time and loss is also extremely convenient in Optionbit.


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Optionbit Customers Review


Optionbit has an appealing and fresh brand new website layout as well as trading interface which is easy to navigate and control around. That was just established last October 29, 2012. Having mostly blue and a grey setting it is easy on your eye and does not distract or confuse you at the same time moving around and focusing on the different commodities, indices, currencies and stocks on offer. Aside from the date feed, clock and below and above key there is a few in the way of confusion to get you away from the deed.


As with other binary options broker websites, Optionbit is totally based on browser, meaning there’s no need to download any programs for potential traders who wants to trade. As long as you have an account you are capable to make a trade. In accordance to a lot of clients or traders, the process of registration is very simple and most of all free. They also have a useful demo that shows hoe to utilize the website.


For any novice trader or investor who needs to completely understand the various terms mean such as touch and choice, as well as digital, there is a devoted place for these underneath the page. Digital binary options are look upon as up and down and recommended to be the first way of call for all new binary options investor. In addition, there are education videos on every page that help trader to watch and understand how trades are done.

AlgoBit -The New OptionBit Trading Feature






OptionBit is a reliable platform that you can use to trade financial markets and earn substantial profits within a short time. AlgoBit - the new Optionbit trading feature is what you need to analyze markets. It makes it easier for both experienced traders as well as new traders to discover trends.


This feature has unique ability to send signals directly to your platform, especially whenever there are important changes on the market. Additionally, it is quite versatile in performance as it combines conventional trading with the latest hi-tech trading abilities. This makes it one of the most reliable features that you can bank on to give you excellent results within short periods. Trading is an art that is perfected over time. If you use you use the correct platform and tools to leverage risks, then definitely you will realize positive growth in profit margins within no time.


The AlgoBit (Optionbit platform) gives you the opportunity to excel as it encompasses real-time analyses of trends. This gives a trader an upper hand to know exactly the market performance in a few minutes to come or even hours. It all depends on how you want AlgoBit to work for you. It definitely helps trader to make informed decisions based on the information that has been relayed in time.


AlgoBit - the new Optionbit trading featureis a cut above the rest on the market place. Not only does it gives real time information, but helps you choose the mode of trade you prefer. Whether it is signal trading or automatic trading, you will always enjoy the highest utility value. The fact that financial markets can sometime be quite volatile; you are well advised to use reliable tools while trading. AlgoBit feature makes it possible to receive actual trading signals averting situations where you can lose your money.


Optionbit Trading Review


Like any binary options trading platforms, binary options trading review gives an idea to traders about the trading process and how good it is to engage in this revolutionary type of trading. Perhaps, Optionbit trading review contents generally involves the user’s feedback on the service they offer.


Typically, you can do a trade from accessing your account on any computer. Hence, Optionbit is also user-friendly. You could possibly navigate the site easily. In fact, the availability of Optionbit mobile made it easier and convenient for users to trade.  It has been a proof that with the collaboration of advanced technology, investment in financial market are now made more possible to all traders.


Binary options trading review sights some facts and feedbacks of binary options traders. It generally helps other traders who wish to engage themselves in binary options trading in making their decision of which binary option broker is more credible. Optionbit trading review highlights some of the broker’s innovative offering to traders. Like other binary options broker, Optionbit has unique offers to traders in which they offer exotic variety of contracts such as barrier, range option, bounded, etc.


One of the platform’s has to offer that would generally benefit traders is that it doesn’t charge commissions for trading. They have a knowledgeable customer support team where could be reached by means of live chat and email. Trading is made simpler with the use of this platform. Hence, it has high choices of languages that could be availed of in the industry. It has 11 languages where you can choose from. Aside from that, they offer attractive bonuses to binary options traders.